The BrushMITT

Microfiber is the best car washing material because it is extra soft, extra absorbent, and its helps protect against swirls and scratches. The plush microfiber fingers on the Chenille Microfiber BrushMITT will absorb clean soapy water and provide an excellent washing experience.

The BrushMITT is a versatile high quality addition to your automotive cleaning.


  • Cleans delicate surfaces and will reduce streaks, swirls, scratches
  • Cleans cars, TRUCKS, SUVS, boats, RVs and more
  • Fits most car wash brush heads


  • Use as a hand mitt to get in the cracks and crevasses
  • Manufactured using Industrial Materials
  • Reuse-able, machine washable and air dry
Received my BrushMitt several months ago, very happy with the quality of materials and construction. Surprised at how easy it was to place over the brush. The absorbency of the Chenille microfiber was amazing. It held the soapy water and provided an excellent washing experience. I even keep a spare BrushMitt in my car for use at the self-serve carwash, to help reduce swirl marks and scratches. The handy storage bag is very convenient.- Rod H.